But now space was part of the object¹ is an inquiry into whether or not a typeface can be absent in its own type specimen. Negative space becomes positive space, secondary becomes primary, reference becomes content. False protagonist Booq Alt delivers the performance of Booq—a typeface whose identity can only be imagined through the interplay of transcribed lectures from Booksfromthefuture Summer School 2015 and a pool of public domain images.

A publication by Masaki Miwa and Ying Tong Tan, published in parallel with The multiple lives of a blank book (Booksfromthefuture, 2015).

First edition
Print on demand
388 pages
107.95mm x 174.752mm (4.25 x 6.88 inches)
ISBN 978-1-326-40233-4

Publishers: Zyxt and Booksfromthefuture

Editors: Masaki Miwa, Ying Tong Tan, Yvan Martinez, Joshua Trees

Guest Editors: Krister Olsson, Esa Matinvesi

Concept and Design: Masaki Miwa and Ying Tong Tan

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