Catalog for The Beach That Never Was, held August 7th through September 14, 2014 at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.

Alluding to the dual character of the tropical beach town as being a paradise for tourists but mundane to locals, The Beach That Never Was is an exhibition that explores conflicting notions of home in the context of the globalised city. Spanning a diverse range of installation, sculpture, painting, photography, drawing and video, the exhibition focuses on artists based in Singapore, Japan and the USA, whose mixed experiences of having lived in and/or between these countries often manifest in their art.

10 Pages
210 x 295 mm (8.27 x 11.61 inches)
ISBN 978-981-09-1596-4

Artists: Juka Araikawa, Stephanie Jane Burt, Josh Callaghan, Mike HJ Chang, Hirofumi Isoya, Joshua Miller, Krister Olsson, Pimeriko, Ryo Shimizu, Mark Thia

Writers: Kathleen Ditzig, John Freeman, Doug Harvey, Diana Nawi, Darryl Wee

Design: Mylinh Trieu Nguyen