Photo Credit: Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees

The multiple lives of a blank book is a cross-cultural tale of bookness, blankness and multiplicity, bringing the cinematic genre of documentary fiction to the printed page.

50 contributors were provided with a blank book to use as a symbol, tool or prop for conducting and documenting experimental enactments. The resulting story – a sequence of deeds, episodes, tableaus and vignettes – seeks to reveal as much about the zeitgeist as it does about the book.

First edition
Print on demand
292 pages
107.95mm x 174.752mm (4.25 x 6.88 inches)
ISBN 978-0-9573509-3-9

Editors: Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees with Krister Olsson

Design: Joana Chicau, Cecilia Denti, Matheus de Paula, Luana Graciano, Yvan Martinez, Claude Marzotto, Krister Olsson, Kevin McCaughey, GaEun Ryu, Joshua Trees, Lena Wurz

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